One comment on “NSW Australia Celebrates LGBTQI+

  1. Your questions definitely reveal discrimination in the government and their subjection to the puppetry of the globalists and WEF/NWO.

    Your statement about NSW Ambulance reminded me of their refusal just recently to hire me as an Intensive Care Paramedic even though they hounded me for the position and even though I have worked at that level and even higher, internationally, for 20+ years, because I refuse the death shot. Here is part of my email exchange with them after I went through a number of steps of the hiring process including the interview and me finally having to ask the question whether I need to be “vaccinated” since they were unclear about it at every step.

    Hi Christina,

    We did have scheduled flights but they got cancelled towards the end of last year due to the Australian government shutting down the borders.

    As for the “vaccine” (it’s not, it meets absolutely no criteria of an actual vaccine), for a number of very important reasons I would never get the clot shot — not only does it conflict with my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ but it also conflicts with my value of life, which I value much more than a mere job. Honestly, I would rather lick the handrails at a Wuhan train station than take the death shot.

    Best regards,


    Her response:

    Hi Reuben,

    Thanks for your response.

    We will not be able to progress with your application any further.

    It is a requirement of NSWA to have at least 2 doses of an approved COVID vaccine.

    I wish you goodluck in your future endeavours.

    This was my final email which was also cc’d to all the executive people, to which they never responded:

    Hi Christina,

    I understand, something I already suspected by this time. It would have been nice if NSW Ambulance was transparent about that right from the get go. But it is unfortunate, considering the massive shortage of Paramedics and ZERO science that actually proves the toxic gene therapy works.

    I cannot and would not, nor should anyone else, voluntary take an injection that has been proven millions of times over to be toxic and deadly, that increases risk of Death by at least 4800% (, that shockingly has killed at least 44,000 and seriously injured more than 4.2 Million in Europe alone (, and that is only those that we know of, the ones that have been reported. In America those numbers are not far from that as well, though most scientists and doctors believe that it only reflects about 1/10 of the true numbers. In Australia there have been hundreds of thousands of injuries and thousands of deaths. Here is an informative site that compiles government and other resources on the effects of the “vaccine”

    Healthcare is supposed to be about health and benefiting people, about helping them, not injuring them or potentially killing them, and that includes your own staff. I certainly wouldn’t participate in such a pogrom, nor could I work for someone with a clear conscience, that mandates and promotes an injection causing such destruction of life.

    Thank you and best regards,



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