2 comments on “Freedom of Speech – What’s Next?

  1. What do we do? With Joe and Hunter Bidens China connections I am actually scared; this can happen here that the Dems will control everything media, government; do you think its the Chinese or that the Dems just took the methods of take over out of the Chinese playbook; I found you on AOL . Do you think AOL will continue to be true freedom of speech however I guess I am really finding it on my safari search engine; they took over by taking over education and poisoning our children minds, also by not allowing any religious gatherings in schools or campuses; also by somehow getting media and big corps on the Dems side; how do we get some of that?


    • I too am frustrated at what I see happening. I think the Dems are in bed with the CCP so the playbook will work as the CCP direct. As far as any social media from what we call the Big Tech being totally free is (I think) a thing of the past. Even here on my Word Press blog there are those who can silence what I have to say through various Internet means. We as a people have taken our freedoms for granted too long and the Left have been indoctrinating students through the universities and schools with a socialist/Marxist mentality that has brought us to where we are. There is also a spiritual battle going on and that is why the Bible has Ephesians 6. My answer is way too long so will close. Trust you visit often or even follow this blog and I encourage you to feel free to comment anytime.


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