2 comments on “Is the China Virus Jab Safe?

  1. That’s crazy. May I ask, what would compel you to even consider that crazy wacky shot to begin with, considering it contains dead babies and practically nothing about the whole Chinese virus scam has been true?



    • I changed my mind when I came home and my wife (who keeps more up on some of these things like the vaccines than I do) told me that they all used aborted baby parts in these vaccines. That is therefore the main reason I didn’t have it but didn’t say that in the article. Thanks for keeping me on my toes. I again agree with you on the China scam and that the West has succumbed to it without a fight. That’s also true of so many other things like the climate scam etc. Genesis 8:22. Almost everything we purchase here in Australia is made in China or some other communist country. They are taking over without a shot! Titus 2:13!!!


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