3 comments on “Will Sam Horn Be Going Back to BJU?

  1. Let’s hope not as BJU does not need a man like him on its staff or in any position of leadership. I got to know him personally when I was a student at BJU early 1990. I had a couple of run ins with him and he always displayed an air of superiority, being rude and looking down on other people. Back then he was considered a rising star. Make no mistake, he is smart but there is no trace of humility and humbleness in him. Sam Horn was asked to resign from TMUS due several complains and lack of people skills as well as verbal abusive behavior which seems to have followed him everywhere he went. I say good riddance…


    • Sadly, there are a lot of men in ‘Christian’ organizations that are like how you describe Sam Horn. This type can usually be detected very soon after meeting them but that doesn’t seem to bother those who do the ‘hiring’ or at least at the time it doesn’t bother them. Thanks for taking the time to reply.


    • “…an air of superiority, being rude and looking down on other people…”
      This has been my impression of the BJU monolith since my first encounter [circa early 1970s]


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