1. Obviously true scholarship would never support Calvinism, because true scholarship would point out that “Jacob I loved and Esau I hated” was about land grants not salvation, that the phrase “I will show mercy to whom I will” was made in reference to God justifying showing Moses a vision of his back not with reference to salvation, that there is no verse “I will harden whom I will” in the OT, that God did show Pharaoh mercy because in the phrase “for this purpose I rasied you up” the “raised you up” part is from the verb for resurrection from the dead in Paul’s quotation and in Exodus is translated “spared you” in several translations. In other words, if Paul was trying to teach Calvinism in Romans 9 he was doing it by twisting scripture, which shows how false it is, that it can only be propped up by contorting these verses.


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