2 comments on “WORK BREAKS AND ISLAM

  1. I think they already understand the sense of it. This looks like a negotiation behavior to me. Companies should show sensitivity, and they have in this instance. Fundamentalist beliefs sometimes come into conflict with production goals.

    We fired an extremist Christian receptionist because she wouldn’t stop proselytizing at people who just came to see the doctor. She saw it as an infringement of her religious rights, but what she was doing interrupted everyone’s work flow, and we were getting complaints from patients. Anyway, she lost her lawsuit. If you want to follow an ultra-religious life, you should become clergy or go live in a strictly religious community, like a monastery. The secular world is what it is. No one’s forcing you to live in it, but the rules aren’t God’s.


    • Thanks for the comment. The Bible does deal with the believer’s work ethics which means following the rules. The best worker ought to be a Christian and that in itself is a testimony of their Christian faith.


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