2 comments on “MY THOUGHTS

  1. David , i was in a similar boat , i returned home to Australia , to armed police , at Richmond RAAF base , who under armed guard, took me to my home , had me open my gun safe and take my gun collection and made me apply to get the bolt action and other still legal firearms back , i was under no false impression i was thought of as a threat to my nation and its government , whilst communists rampaged through the streets, attacked churches and decent folks and walked away scot free , islamist where just starting to get power ( and we see the result of that globally now . there was nothing left but prayer , and to choose to accept it or fight , , 18 years later , the Shooters party mark 2 is doing well , ( first attempt was a miserable failure due to some selling out to main stream politic’s) The Q society is doing well , and i can take a break now and let the others lead from the small efforts to get such going , but sadly i dont think the US has 18 years to fight back peacfully , not with the globalists in control there as they are and that, is terrifying as it will nullify all i and other here have worked hard and long for , my friends in the US are now asking me to help them ready to fight back as they too do not see a peacful way out of this , and i shall , as i beleive if the US goes down , every human on the planet is at risk , where else will we find a yard stick of freedom ?

    I pray for the US daily , for my friends and Brothers in Arms there , partially selfishly as i know a draconian state there will result in one here , but many in the US are rude , self involved , hateful of everything that does not give them immeadiate gratification , and sadly that the majority there , maybe the 3 % that once arose in history to make the US free and what it became can arise again , but i honestly dont think it will work , it will be bloody , and cruel , so i’ll pray on , ready myself to help those who ask , and prep my kids and grandies as best i may , and keep them well out of it ..

    i wish us all luck in whats to come , but i do think the evil coming( or here now) is just the prelude to the end times . Pray i’m a idiot that knows nothing .. i do ..


  2. Thanks for your comment, Jack. One does wonder what this world will be like if Obama continues his destruction for another two years. Watching America’s demise should cause a believer to “look for that blessed hope” even more.


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