3 comments on “Australia’s Prime Minister is also a Volunteer Fireman

  1. Certainly a likable quality and something to reflect on positively.

    This does not however redeem for what I deem some terrible policy positions on the part of the party that he leads.

    Although I did not vote for the liberal government, I am hoping for some learning to take place and some better policy positions and developments to occur.

    Granted, no Government gets it right all the time.


    • The way I see it those who are Labor oriented are so quick to judge a government only six months or so into office but overlook the record of the past 10 years of Labor. The Coalition have done some things so far that I personally do not agree with but being a conservative I see their goals more in line with mine. Thanks for reading my blog and giving your thoughts. Please visit again.


      • Very Valid points. Some people who are primary labor supporters may well be quick to judge the government that has only been in service for 6 months.

        That works both ways.

        As I indicated I did not vote for the liberal party in any form and my own values and principles are mostly consistent with the policy of the Greens. My views are also more consistently demonstrated in the Policies of Labor than they are with Liberals.

        I also fundamentally think that the Labor Government had some very positive achievements in its time – as did the previous Liberal Government in theirs.

        As things stand right now, I am extremely concerned about various policy positions of the Liberal Government and subsequently concerned about the lack of responsive action on the part of the Labor Party and respective minor parties.

        I look forward to reading through more of your posts and appreciate your respectful position, considering we do have differing views in some areas!

        Thank you



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