1. You know, people (Bangladesh MKs most notably) are cruelly discrediting the ABWE letter to Jay Walsh. They are choosing to see only the second standard of evaluating evidence even though ABWE clearly took action based on the first standard.

    My point is that they didn’t even tell our family that accusations had been made against Jay. DIDN’T EVEN TELL US. They usurped parental authority by keeping that information to themselves. Had my parents been told that:

    a) You coworker, missionary doctor Donn Ketcham, has sexually assaulted your daughter repeatedly for two years.


    b) One of his best friends, also your coworker, has also been accused of sexually abusing her.

    There is NO WAY they would’ve just sat back and let that go. Instead, ABWE (specifically Russ Ebersole and Russ Lloyd) told my parents that Donn Ketcham fondled their daughter.

    That’s it.

    He fondled her.

    Bad enough? YES.

    An accurate representation of the facts? NOT EVEN CLOSE.

    And now, 2012 the world learns that in 1980 Jay Walsh had been accused of sexually assaulting 4 other young women, dating back to the 70’s. And they allowed Kim to “recant” her allegations? They KNEW about these other girls and they were obligated to investigate!

    And yet, they didn’t.

    And, what hurts me deeply is that the current ABWE leadership didn’t find it important to communicate this to my folks over the past 9 months. Al Cockrell, who proclaimed a desire to do any and every thing necessary to redress ABWE’s past wrongs, even to my parents and my own faces in person, didn’t find it ever necessary to TELL THEM that she had initially made allegations against Jay Walsh, a man who had been previously accused of sexually assaulting young women?????

    ABWE has NOT changed, WILL NEVER change, and they need to be held accountable by the church.

    Question: Does the church even care?


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